Zhang Tiantong, once a top-notch TV show host in China with more than 20 years of experience in broadcasting and hosting, has become a government registered celebrant after moving to New Zealand.

Zhang has officiated weddings for many couples in Auckland and has received high ratings for his work. As a well-known and professional wedding host based in Auckland, Zhang is especially good at engaging the audience. He can improvise in the face of slight mishaps and lighten the ambience with classy jokes. Being able to host weddings in both Chinese and English, Zhang will infuse coziness and warmness into your events.

Mr. Zhang is also at your service on occasions such as large events, dinner parties, commercial events, gatherings, and birthday parties for both the elderly and the young. In addition, Zhang is available for 1:1 Chinese classes by appointment.

Mr. Tiantong Zhang is the right host to make your wedding perfect!

Wedding Hosting

Wedding ceremony: You are assured to have a loving, sacred and solemn ceremony with Zhang as your celebrant.

Wedding reception: A master in entertaining guests and improvising, MC Zhang will keep your party smooth, light and elegant.

Officiating (in Chinese and English)

Mr. Tiantong Zhang is a registered celebrant in New Zealand. He is familiar with the officiating process and has presided over hundreds of weddings. Fluent in both Chinese and English, Zhang is the bi-lingual celebrant that Chinese couples are looking for. With Zhang as the wedding host, Chinese couples in New Zealand will have equivalent wedding experiences as in their home country.


Events and dinner party hosting

Zhang can also host large events, dinner parties, commercial events, gatherings, and birthday parties for both the elderly and the young. Our event master MC Zhang will give you a memorable experience.

Chinese one-on-one class

Zhang is also a Chinese language teacher who can teach professional Chinese courses to children in New Zealand.

HSK/HSKK teaching qualification certificate

After two months of intensive training, study, and strict assessment and comments by expert judges, he finally obtained the internationally certified HSK/HSKK teaching qualification certificate for international Chinese teachers.

HSK/HSKK is simply equivalent to “Chinese IELTS”. That is, foreigners who want to enter China’s Tsinghua University, Peking University, and other institutions of higher learning must first meet the Chinese language proficiency standard before they can enter the university for further study.

If some adults or children want to learn Chinese, have a deep understanding of Chinese culture and are interested in studying at Chinese universities, I can help you achieve the Chinese language barrier and open the door to realizing your dreams and the road to success!

Contact number: 0275678555

Email: TiantongZhangMC@gmail.com

WeChat: TT66889966

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